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DID YOU KNOW... Have you heard people say they got the flu after getting a flu shot? In spite of rumors to the contrary, getting a flu shot can NOT give you the flu. You may have a sore arm for a day or so, but it will not set you back. And you will have protection against the flu for three months.

Travel Vaccines

Heritage Health Concepts knows that it can be difficult to obtain affordable and high-end healthcare benefits. Whether your goal is to reduce healthcare costs for your employees or position your organization as a leader for promoting health and wellness, Heritage will prove why we have a reputation for excellence.


Flu Shot Clinics

Growing public awareness regarding the dangers of influenza has created a great demand for flu shots. Every fall, millions of people across the nation get vaccinated since it’s still believed to be the best way to stay protected from the flu. Heritage Health Concepts hosts hundreds of flu shot clinics each year to vaccinate people against influenza.


Innovative and Convenient Options

Heritage Health Concepts takes pride in developing and offering top of the line custom services that are developed to fit your needs. Our online scheduling system allows you the control to set an appointment with us for your company’s event.